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About us

Pistacia Natura Cosmetics is the first Greek brand which uses Aegina's pistachio oil as its products' main ingredient.

It started in September 2013 by producing natural cosmetics with pistachio oil which were very soon accompanied by handmade jewelry with pistachio nuts.

Originating from a pistachio producers' family and having access to some of the best quality pistachios, we had a vision to expand pistachio's uses beyond its gastronomic boundaries.

After an extensive research concerning any possible cosmetic benefits that pistachio might have, we were glad to discover that pistachio oil could indeed function as an excellent skin moisturiser as well as a great hair treatment.

Bearing in mind the creation of a totally natural cosmetics' series, we started cooperating with our scientific team in order to compose our products' recipes, focusing on the combination of various essential oils and natural ingredients which would enhance pistachio oil's benefits.

Moisturising and anti-ageing for the face and body, restoration and hair-loss treatment for the hair: these are the main characteristics of pistachio oil which are worthily represented by our products:

Moisturising-antiageing face cream

Moisturising body milk

Shower gel

Hair tonic shampoo

Restorative hair mask

Hair oil